Friday, October 19, 2007

South Florida Hits a Roadblock

That was fun while it lasted. South Florida's Bowl Championship Series title game hopes were ended in an avalanche of penalties and horrific play by its special teams during a 30-27 loss to Rutgers.

Bull quarterback Matt Grothe, who was sacked only eight times in the first six games, was sacked seven times on Thursday night. To his credit, South Florida coach Jim Leavitt took the loss like a man. Now we will see how many fans jump off the Bull bandwagon.

Thanks to TV Tan Line.


Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of overturing that FG block that went for a S. Florida TD. I thought it was a bad call to overturn it, but maybe I am not clear on the rule.

dawizofodds said...

Let's just say there were some rather interesting calls made in the game. :-)

alexezell said...

The reversal of the returned block for a TD was really pushing the limits. The guy was obviously being hit when the ball went forward. Maybe he let go a little precipitously, but I think what happened is more insidious than that. That thinking goes like this: The USF team has a reputation as mavericks and upstarts, so clearly, the only way that things could go that well for them is if they cheated. I don't know that it changes the game, because USF really made some huge mistakes.