Friday, October 12, 2007

Ryan's Express

Brohm, Booty, Henne, McCoy, Rice, Slaton. One by one they have fallen, leaving the Heisman race a muddled mess.

But is the darkhorse candidate we've been looking for about to make his move? Matt Ryan barely registered a bleep on the Heisman radar at the start of the season, but the Boston College quarterback would appear to have the competition right when wants them.

Ryan has moved to No. 3 in the Heisman Pundit's straw poll, behind Darren McFadden and Tim Tebow. But can either of those two win with their teams piling up losses?

Ryan leads his team into South Bend on Saturday with a chance to make some serious thunder against Notre Dame. The Eagles are 6-0 and favored to make it 7-0 in front of a national TV audience.

There's a big drop after Ryan to Mike Hart, whose Michigan Wolverines are still trying to recover from season-opening back-to-back losses. DeSean Jackson and Chase Daniel are tied for fifth in the poll.

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