Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Chomping on the Gators

No one has been having more fun with Florida's loss to Auburn than the Tennessee site Losers With Socks. The above video of a Gator fan watching the final moments of Saturday's game comes with a strong language warning. Things pick up with about 50 seconds left in the video.

Losers With Socks also found the photo below that appeared in the Gainesville Sun. Is Auburn's Wes Byrum, who kicked the game-winning field goal, flipping off the Swamp?

Update: Thanks to reader BLV, the image below clearly has been manipulated to give the appearance that Byrum was flipping off the crowd. Compare the image below to the image on this link.


BLV said...

Hmmmm. Look at that same photo in Stew Mande's Mailbag.


dawizofodds said...


It certainly is. And upon closer inspection, a bit of Photoshop work appears to have been applied. Thanks for letting me know and will update post.