Tuesday, October 09, 2007

High Fire Danger in Several Areas

With the second half of the season set to begin, it's time to visit Coaches Hot Seat to see how busy realtors might be this winter in places like Tucson and Iowa City.

It looks like the market will be lively in several areas, but at the moment Fayetteville — home to Houston Nutt — is the No. 1 hotspot.

Arizona's Mike Stoops comes in at No. 2, with Iowa's Kirk Ferentz moving up to No. 3. It's a good thing Iowa officials purchased Fire Kirk Ferentz last February.

UCLA's Karl Dorrell, coming off an embarrassing loss to Notre Dame, is No. 4, and Clemson's Tommy Bowden is a strong No. 5.

The complete rankings are available by clicking here.

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