Sunday, October 07, 2007

Columnists' Corner

Jeff Carroll, South Bend Tribune: Notre Dame still struggles on offense. It still makes befuddling mistakes. But the Fighting Irish are no longer winless.

Steve Junga, Toledo Blade: For those folks looking for signs that Michigan has finally arrived as a legitimate Big Ten contender midway through the 2007 season, keep waiting.

Steven M. Sipple, Lincoln Journal Star: In a season defined thus far by disorder, this was not the type of disorder Nebraska fans had in mind.

Jason Whitlock, Kansas City Star: Mark Mangino can flat-out coach. He has turned Kansas into a threat to win the Big 12 North. Thanks to John.

Jennifer Floyd Engel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Every conference has its Baylor, but what the Big 12 is finally starting to become is balanced.

Mark Tupper, Decatur Herald & Review: The craziest thing about Illinois' 31-26 victory over No. 5 Wisconsin? It didn't seem all that difficult.

Mike Hlas, Cedar Rapids Gazette: These are testy times in Iowa Hawkdom, and getting testier by the week.

T.J. Simers, Los Angeles Times: Quite a night of football in Los Angeles. USC and UCLA were rolled by two of this planet's worst teams.

Tony Phifer, Coloradoan: Colorado State and coach Sonny Lubick have simply run out of excuses.

Eric Crawford, Louisville Courier-Journal: Has Steve Kragthorpe lost his Louisville team, or are we misinterpreting the situation?

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