Saturday, October 20, 2007

BCS Guru: Ohio State No. 1, LSU No. 2

Louisiana State has surged into the No. 2 spot in the BCS standings behind Ohio State, according to the BCS Guru. This despite the fact the shaky Tigers — playing at Baton Rouge — were nearly upset and needed last-second heroics to beat Auburn.

Boston College, No. 3 in last week's standings, was idle. Oklahoma, No. 5 last week, struggled to win at Iowa State and could not overtake the Tigers, who were No. 4 last week.

South Florida, No. 2 last week, has tumbled all the way to No. 13.

The official BCS standings won't come out until Sunday, but the Guru projects this to be the top 15:

1. Ohio State, 2. LSU, 3. Boston College, 4. Oklahoma, 5. West Virginia, 6. Oregon, 7. Arizona State, 8. Virginia Tech, 9. Kansas, 10. Florida, 11. Missouri, 12. USC, 13. South Florida, 14. Kentucky, 15. South Carolina.

The Guru has posted his latest update at The BerlinZoo. Because he is traveling, he won't update the BCS Guru site until Sunday night, hence the posting at The BerlinZoo.

So what do you think, Boston College and USC fans? Was LSU's shaky victory enough to leapfrog the Eagles?

And despite an impressive victory over a horrible Notre Dame team, the Trojans still can't crack the BCS top 10. Two two-loss SEC teams — Kentucky and South Carolina — remain in the top 15, just behind the one-loss Trojans.


Anonymous said...

Shaky? Auburn played a nearly perfect game in the first half and was riding an 8-game win streak. There are only a handful of teams in the country that could've beaten Auburn last night, and they're mostly in the SEC. I held back last week, but I'll mention it this week-- why are you so confused as to why LSU's so highly ranked in the computer polls? They've got the best resume of any one-loss team in the country-- by far. Wins over Va Tech, South Carolina, Florida, and Auburn? In the span of 8 games? Ohio State would be 5-3 right now with that schedule.

Anonymous said...

BCS standings mean NOTHING in October.

Brandon Webb said...

Folks, I just don't get it. Divsion one college football or whatever it is they call it now, is the only sports division in any sport in this country that does NOT have a playoff. The system is flawed, it does not and never has worked. I don't understand how people buy into this load of crap, and actually think this good for college football. This whole system is predicated on money. The system is designed to keep the high profile programs in postion to play in the big bowl games so everyone involved can make the most money possible, barring one of these teams does not collapse, i.e. Michigan. Division one college football has no integrity, its champions are paper champions, because the teams are selected and placed in bowl games. There are many good teams who every year do not get to play for a national title, for reasons such as strength of schedule, quality wins, or the conference they play in. God forbid that a team's record be the only factor. The lower divisions in college football have a playoff, college basketball has playoff in its tournament, I wonder how many fans would tune into a college basketball season that had no tournament and the national title was determined with the BCS formula. Why is division one so unwilling to go to a playoff? Money, that is the only reason why. So like every other year when the regular season is over, I will be done watching college football. I think a playoff format can be done and would be great for football. My suggestion is to rank the top 32 teams in the country, at the end of the regular season these 32 teams go into a playoff, seeding is determined first by record then by the bcs formula for ties to determine seeding. You utilize the existing bowl sites for the playoff format and it is a true bowl championship series. Every year the cities that host bowls can vie for spots in the series and for the semis and title game. That's my idea, and until college football decides to put the integrity of its sport ahead of it earnings i won't tune in.