Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Aggie Cheap Shot Candidate

Another candidate for our Cheapest Shot of 2007. This comes from Saturday's Texas A&M-Texas Tech game in Lubbock. Red Raider quarterback Graham Harrell is pile-drived into the turf by the Aggies' Von Miller after Harrell threw an incomplete pass during Texas Tech's 35-7 victory. Harrell said after the game that referee Tom Walker apologized for missing a roughing call.

Oddly enough, another Texas A&M player, Kellen Heard, was a runaway winner in voting for the Cheapest Shot of 2006.

We continue to look for video of Georgia linebacker Dannell Ellerbe being blocked below the knee by a South Carolina player during the Sept. 8 game in Athens. If anybody can help us with this video or has a cheap shot they would like to submit, please send us an email: dawizofodds (at)


gerry dorsey said...

i was watching this live when it happened. couldn't believe there wasn't a flag thrown. on top of it all, if you watch close, he even looks back and talks some shit to harrell after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Wish we would have broken his collar bone. Let the techies cry about the late hit all they want. This is football. Man up and take a hit.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why this hasn't gotten more play. Once again, the Aggies find themselves in a big game and once again they take a cheap shot on the qb. Happened with Baylor, Oklahoma State and Texas last season. This season they take shots at the Fresno State qb and now the Tech qb. Pathetic is what it is. Pathetic is what Aggies are.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have video of the cheap chop block from behind that was delivered to Anderson Russell of Ohio State on Saturday?