Thursday, September 27, 2007

This Heisman Thing Can Be a Real Drag

Is it an indication that the overall quality of play is down, or do we not have that superstar to cling to in 2007?

Yes, it's time to talk Heisman trophy.

Usually the Heisman picture is somewhat clear at this point of a season. But as we enter Week 5, the race up for grabs.

Heisman Pundit, the blogosphere expert on such matters, has been conducting a straw poll each week to determine where the candidates stand. Currently, Arkansas' Darren McFadden, dressed in drag in the above photo, leads the race. Florida's Tim Tebow is second and West Virginia's Pat White is third. USC's John David Booty is fourth and Kentucky's Andre Woodson has surged to fifth.

Also of note: Hawaii's Colt Brennan, who didn't play last Saturday because of a sprained ankle, was tied for eighth with Oregon's Dennis Dixon. And Louisville's Brian Brohm? He's not even listed among those receiving votes.

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