Saturday, September 08, 2007

Switzer Rips USC, Notre Dame and NCAA

What does former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer, pictured with World Wrestling Entertainment announcer Jim Ross, think of USC and Notre Dame?

"Sacred cows," Switzer said. And in terms of NCAA scrutiny, "Oklahoma's been their whipping boy."

Switzer's opinion is shared by many Sooner fans, who believe the NCAA gives preferential treatment to, among others, the Trojans.

"They got alumni out there doing things for their kids too, just like it happens here," Switzer told Chris Dufresne of the L.A Times.

Oklahoma was forced to vacate all eight wins from its 2005 season this summer after former players Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn were paid for hours they did not work at Norman car dealership Big Red Sports/Imports. Oklahoma self-reported its violations, punished itself, and yet the NCAA still descended.

Meanwhile No. 1 USC, amid allegations that it may have defeated Oklahoma to win the 2004 national title while using an ineligible player, Reggie Bush, continues to play on without paying pipers.

"And we get our wins erased?" Justin Myers, a 21-year-old marketing major, asked. "I'm not saying it's a conspiracy, it's just not the proper allocation of rules and regulations."

Sooner coach Bob Stoops offered no opinion regarding the Bush investigation at USC and prefers to look ahead. But do people believe his program came clean? "There are those who don't and those who do," Stoops said. "So in the end we can't worry about it."


TB said...

Switzer was only wrong about one thing in that. He forgot to include Ohio State.

Erik said...

Boy it takes a lot of balls for any representative of OU, a team literally *named* after cheaters (look it up!), to attack another program for being dirty behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for Switzer and all his shenanigans back in the 80s, the NCAA wouldn't be so wary of Oklahoma and its cheatin' ways!

Anonymous said...

Switzer is absolutely correct. OU "vacates" wins over $2,500 that it self reported and the NCAA won't lift a finger over bush and USC even though it's obvious that he lived like a superstar on someone else's dime even though he was an "amateur". give me a break.

Erik said...

If it's obvious, then you shouldn't have any trouble coming up with some evidence to prove it. Right?

Anonymous said...

but whatever.