Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ohio States Its Case

Reader Matt, who spent the previous week in Boulder at the Florida State-Colorado game, moved the party east last Saturday to Columbus, where Ohio State kicked off Big Ten play with a 58-7 thrashing of Northwestern. And once again, he was kind enough to send us photos of the day's activities.
Matt and his army of followers always have plenty of adult beverages on hand, above, a necessity for a long and sometimes grueling walk to the Horseshoe on a beautiful fall day.
Matt obviously has connections when it comes to scoring seats. Check out the view from down low and near midfield behind the Northwestern bench.
As if the Wildcats don't have to set through enough lectures during the week, they got one on a Saturday from coach Pat Fitzgerald. After the game, it was time for the party to begin.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else sick of ALWAYS hearing/seeing OSU!? Ever since their bogus championship against Miami, it's been OSU this, that or another.

enough alreay

Anonymous said...

This guy Matt seems like a tool who needs a girlfriend.