Monday, September 24, 2007

Louisiana State Moves Into Top Spot

There is no reason to wait until the first official Bowl Championship Series standings are released on Oct. 14. Not when you have the BCS Guru around to break it down right here, right now.

According to the Guru, Louisiana State's victory over Southeastern Conference rival South Carolina pushed the Tigers back into the top spot in the unofficial BCS standings. USC dips to No. 2, Florida holds steady at No. 3, Oklahoma is No. 4 and Ohio State has moved up to No. 5.

Penn State took the biggest tumble, dropping from No. 11 to No. 21.

Two potential BCS Buster games this week. The first features No. 6 West Virginia at No. 17 South Florida. The second is No. 7 California at No. 11 Oregon. The winners should make strong moves in next week's standings.

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Jefe said...

Hey, let's let BCS buster mean what it means - a nonBCS conference busting into a BCS bowl.

The games this week are big games but have nothing to do with BCS busting.