Friday, September 28, 2007

Leave Crewcut Alone

It's time to check in on developments at Notre Dame, home of Crewcut Charlie Weis and the 0-4 Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The latest: Offensive guard Chris Stewart is set to transfer. He left Thursday for his hometown of Spring, Texas, and if he follows through, Stewart would become the third player to leave in the past two weeks and the fourth member of the vaunted sophomore class to leave in the past three months.

And for those keeping score at home, a Stewart departure would mean 17 players have left since Crewcut became coach in December 2004.

Demetrius Jones, the quarterback who started the opener for Notre Dame and then fled to Northern Illinois, is now transferring to Cincinnati. Jones, who will be eligible in 2008, must feel like he hit the lottery. Consider that he has traded an 0-4 team for a 4-0 team that is ranked.

Some are now wondering if Crewcut is the next to go.

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Anonymous said...

For cryin' out loud, a Marriotti article? Are you serious? I could take a dump on a sheet of paper and it would be better journalism.