Sunday, September 02, 2007

It Will Be Difficult to Top This One

While everybody is trying to put Michigan's stunning loss to Appalachian State in perspective, consider this: When is the last time a 35-point favorite lost — at home?

Michigan is going to hear about its historic loss for a long time, but don't be surprised to see the Wolverines come roaring back Saturday against Oregon, which gave up 315 rushing yards in a victory over Houston.

In the meantime, here is a sample of how the Wolverines' loss is being recorded in the history books:

Michael Rosenberg, Detroit Free Press: The perception is that Michigan lost to the Washington Generals. There is no response to that. If you're Michigan, you simply cannot lose to Appalachian State.

Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press: If Lloyd Carr wasn't seriously thinking about retirement after this season, he should start now.

Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press: Can a season end the day it begins? It just did. The ant tripped the elephant.

Bob Wojnowski, Detroit News: Appalachian State was faster, more poised, better prepared and better coached. By the end, it didn't even feel like much of an upset.

Howie Beardsley, Grand Rapids Press: Michigan's defense looked every bit like one that lost seven quality starters to either graduation, the NFL draft or both while getting dissected by an Appalachian State offense that never blinked.

Caulton Tudor, Raleigh News & Observer: The Mountaineers' victory was simply the most stunning in the history of the sport at the collegiate level.

Associated Press: Appalachian State students tore down a goalpost at Kidd Brewer Stadium, dragged it down main street in Boone, N.C., and left it in Chancellor Kenneth Peacock's yard.

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