Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gundy, Leach Go Off After Cowboys Win

You won't find any quotes today from Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy talking about the Cowboys' 49-45 victory over Texas Tech. After the game, Gundy went on a 3:38 tirade over a column by the Oklahoman's Jenni Carlson about Bobby Reid, who was replaced as Oklahoma State's starting quarterback before Saturday's game.

"If anybody hasn't read this article,” Gundy began as he held up a copy of the sports page of the Oklahoman, "I think this is worth reading. Three-fourths of this is inaccurate. It's fiction. And this article embarrasses me to be involved with athletics.

"That article had to have been written by a person that doesn't have a child. And has never had a child that has had their heart broken and come home upset and had to deal with a child when he is upset. And kick a person when he's down."

Gundy left without taking questions. Gundy is clearly out of line here, and so are the people who applauded him after his tirade. We presume Gundy is pointing directly at Carlson in the video. Hopefully the Oklahoma media will have the backbone to hammer this clown because that is what the Cowboys have for a football coach.

Next up was Texas Tech's Mike Leach, who did his best to match Gundy's fireworks by ripping his team.

Leach said: "This is going to hurt some feelings ... but here's what we had this game. What we had this game was we had an offense that was extremely powerful, extremely productive, that probably sits and reads their press clippings, and then in arrogant fashion, sat around the sidelines with their arms folded for most of the second half.

"And then defensively, the entire first half, we got hit in the mouth and acted like somebody took our lunch money and all we wanted to do was have pouty expressions on our faces until somebody daubed our tears off made us [expletive] feel better. Then we'd go out there and try harder after our mommies told us we were OK.

"Well, neither one of those things is acceptable."

You can also listen to Gundy's tirade on the Oklahoman site by clicking here, or by clicking here.


Lou said...

For ONCE, I would like to see someone rip someone in the media and have the media say the critic is right. It'll never happen. The media always proclaims the critic over the line or out of touch. The media will criticize anyone - they revel in it. But God do they hate to criticize their own!

Anonymous said...

You're right Lou - while a little over the top, Gundy was passionately defending his student-athlete from a ridiculous, poorly written, and pointless column filled with speculation and rumors and no facts. Ms. Carlson is in the wrong here.


greg6363 said...

It looked as though Gundy was directly uyyhraddressing Ms. Carlson in the third person but I don't think she was in the room.

Bevo said...

Mike Gundy is a complete ass clown. He was involved in the Woods and Reid fiasco. He is involved in the Read and Robinson fiasco.

Instead of saying 3/4 of Carlson's fine written column is incorrect, point out what is incorrect. Which part do she get wrong?

Oh, wait. None of its actually incorrect? Its easier to say something is incorrect than to show what is actually incorrect? Hmm... Where I have seen this performance before?

Oh, yeah. Ol' Joe had a list of Commie spies in the U.S. State Department. He never produced that list though.

Mike Gundy, ass clown, welcome to Demagoguery 101.

And by the way, Mike Gundy, ass clown, you work in a business; a multibillion dollar business. You are not in charge of students. You over see 85 piss poorly compensated employees.

Mike Gundy, ass clown, stood before a stage at a time when his team had showed they could beat a mediocre team after getting hammered by Georgia and Troy. What do you have to say when your slice of the world is watching you?

Does Mike Gundy, ass clown, praise his coaching staff and other 85 employees on a job well down or does he spew invective?

Mike Gundy, ass clown, chose to be a demagogue instead of a man. Well played, sir. Well played.

Anonymous said...

Bevo, ass clown, you obviously don't get it. Mike Gundy understands that there is more to being a leader than patting the players and coaches on the head after a win. He stood up for one of his players that has fallen victim to the ever-growing shock media that makes up whatever they want to say that will sell more newpapers with no consequences. Jenni Carlson got embarrassed in front of her peers, and it is nice to see one of these vultures held to some kind of accountability.
Of course, I'm sure you won't get that either Mr. Bevo, ass clown.

Anonymous said...

I know Jenni Carlson and her shoddy work ... SHE is the ass clown. This is a girl who got the Daily Oklahoman columnist job at the age of 23 (God knows why) and basically writes as if she's still working on the school paper. Shame on the Daily Oklahoman for keeping up with this charade for seven years ... and counting.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for a Man sticking up for a kid. Part of this was about her terribly false column, the other half was letting a developing kid know that it might seem tough now, but people have your back and to not give up. He didn't just let it go and tell the kid to brush it off.

Obviously Bevo doesn't have any kids (Joke)....but in serious if you played anything in your life and been shit on like that Daily Joklahoman columnist did, you would respect him calling her to point.

Her use of the kid's quote and his interaction with his mother was embarrassing to put it nicely.

She should be fired, not just for bartering with the integrity of the paper (doesn't have any anyways) but for the fact, it will be very hard for her to do her job in a state dominated by 2 school's sports without anything pro to cover. If I was Gundy, my kids would be off limits to Carlson.

John said...

Gundy made a bad PR mistake... no matter how egregious the press, it's never smart to answer.

Anonymous said...

I think more people should call out the press when they print this garbage. More often then not it's about tabloid journalism than getting the facts right. The media should have to be as responsible as anyone else. I applaude what he did - I guess I'm "clearly out of line". Good job Coach Gundy!

Vance said...

Did anyone read the Carlson column? She really didn't say anything out of line at all. It was very mild.

Carlson did say it might be embarrassing to see a college football player's mother feeding him chicken in public. Frankly that's good advice that the coach might have considered giving him.

The coach is an idiot. This isn't a 10 year-old kid he is defending. This is a 21 year-old man he is crying about.

The Okie coach should apologize to the reporter. He should apologize to anyone that viewed his tirade for his profuse stupidity. He should apologize to the Oklahoma State University for representing a major university in a way that might embarrass a bitty league coach.

And lastly he might actually attend some classes at his university in hopes that he learns some common sense, some judgment, and some perspective.

What an idiot!

johnymavrik5 said...

Vance, are you serious? Her title alone, as well as "it might be embarrassing to see a college football player's mother feeding him chicken in public. Frankly that's good advice that the coach might have considered giving him.", are bad enough. Who are you or Jenni to tell a mom not to feed her son anywhere, embarrassing or not? Both of you, go up to Ray Lewis and tell him and his mom that he should be embarrassed to be fed by her in public.(I'd pay to see that,ha) Anyway, I'm glad the coach defends his players against the media. The media gets to say anything they want, tear a person down, then say "grow up and take my bullcrap criticism". I think that a reporter should only state the facts. Opinions worth listening to should be one's with direct experience(i.e. former pro athlete, former coach or student athlete) The media should be held as accountable as they are willing to judge and crucify others. They'll burn you at the stake, then go run and hide behind the 1st Amendment. Look, I'm on the West Coast, not an OSU fan or even heard of Mike Gundy but as an athlete and brother of a current Pro athlete who had a punk of a coach, and after seeing the "tirade", Mike Gundy is my new hero and I wish that leader and his kids much success with his program. Apologize?!?, For what, defending his kids?!?. You and Jenni Carlson are the idiots? How's that for some perspective???

Vance said...

Did any of you guys actually read the column? Probably not. It really was mild.

Whether or not anyone says anything to Ray Lewis is irrelevant..or did we change the subject now to Ray Lewis?

I cannot believe the goofiness of the Okies. You really think that saying to a 21 year-old that 'momma should not feed Bubba' is excessive? Generally speaking, colleges purport to emphasize maturity.

Okie Staters, just sit down and take out some paper, or even Microsoft Word, and write down the problems with the column. See if your #1 complaint isn't 'she said momma should not feed 21 year-old Bubba' then we can talk. What are the actual factual problems with the column.

Consider that people outside of the greater Stillwater area are going to read about Coach's babyfit and Momma's fried chicken. Is this the intelligence level you want to project about your city/state?

Okies can do much much better than a juvenile coach throwing a temper tantrum over someone's 21 year-old chicken-eating baby boy.

And by the way, the 'amateur' crap isn't going to fly for anyone who actually know the financials of D-1 football at T Boone Pickens State U.

Johnny above really thinks that new J-school requirements should be jock experience? Guess that will limit journalism school to kids with ACTs below 17. :-)

Man, someone needs to start thinking out there.