Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gay Blogs Take a Look at Sun Devils' Tryon

Arizona State cornerback Justin Tryon has a new fan club: Gay men.

Pitchfork Nation sends along word that Tryon has become a favorite of two gay men's blogs.

Comments from the blogs include:

—"There are no words — except, 'Pass the whip cream'."

—"I can't help thinking that Justin has his first and last names accidentally reversed."

—"Dear God, if you could make all athletes wear outfits like this, I'll start going to church. I swear."

—"Booking a trip to Arizona right now."

Tryon is putting together a solid senior season, with 16 tackles and an interception he returned for 44 yards.


TrumanHugh said...

Who said we gay men don't have an interest in sports?! Nice post!

Adam said...

uh, why is this news worthy?