Friday, September 07, 2007

Columnists' Corner

John Canzano, Oregonian: Oregon State tip-toed out of the locker room, snapped photographs of each other using their cellular phones, then suffered a back-alley whipping to Cincinnati.

Eric Crawford, Louisville Courier-Journal: If you're a Louisville fan, there is no defense for this.

Dick Weiss, New York Daily News: Some Notre Dame fans already have stopped drinking the Kool-Aid. They have officially declared the honeymoon to be over for Crewcut Charlie Weis.

Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman: Questions continue to dog Pacific 10 Conference officials, and guess where Boise State plays Saturday — at Washington.

B.G. Brooks, Rocky Mountain News: There is reason for Boise State to be concerned. Washington appears to be on the rebound under the droll Tyrone Willingham.

John Henderson, Denver Post: The Big 12 versus the Pac-10? Give the edge to the Left Coast.

Mark Blaudschun, Boston Globe: The win over Michigan secured Appalachian State's fate with future high-profile opponents. What coach and athletic director in their right minds will make the call to Boone, N.C., for a game against a team that could embarrass their team?

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