Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reporters' Notebooks

Michael Tsai, Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan said he took out a loan for $28,000 to purchase an insurance plan that would protect him in the event of an injury that would be "detrimental to my draft position."

Bryan Mullen, Tennessean: Tennessee's Erik Ainge has a broken pinkie on his throwing hand, but Phillip Fulmer believes his quarterback will play against California.

Paul Strelow, Columbia State: Clemson is in discussion with Alabama about staging a neutral site game at the Georgia Dome in 2008.

Greg Hansen, Arizona Daily Star: A column that will definitely anger any Brigham Young fan.

Wendell Barnhouse, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: What is the Big Ten really up to? It wants to gouge cable subscribers.

Molly Tanity, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Washington to going to be thin at cornerback in Friday night's game at Syracuse.

Chip Brown, Dallas Morning News: Rick Chryst, commissioner of the Mid-American, Britton Banowsky, commissioner of Conference USA, Wright Waters, commissioner of the Sun Belt and interim Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe are in the running to become Big 12 commissioner.

Jake Trotter, Oklahoman: Oklahoma has filed a waiver request to the NCAA and if granted, the university would raise money for the family of Herman Mitchell, the Houston-area recruit who was shot and killed last Friday.

Mark Fagan, Lawrence Journal-World News: Kansas football is back, and businesses in Lawrence are preparing for a "million-dollar weekend."

Jeff Carroll, South Bend Tribune: Why justice isn't even-handed at Notre Dame.

Rick Cleveland, Clarion-Ledger: Now that Mississippi's Jerrell Powe has been declared ineligible for the season, he should do the right thing and enroll in a junior college.

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