Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's Time to Play the Numbers Game

Everybody talks a good game before their team tees it up. Now come the first set of cold, hard facts, courtesy of people who make a living off you losing. Yes, we're talking oddsmakers.

The season starts Aug. 30 and among the featured games is Louisiana State at Mississippi State. The Tigers — a sexy pick to make it to the BCS title game — are a 16.5-point road favorite. That same night, Oregon State is a 6.5-point home favorite over Utah.

On Aug. 31, Washington is a 4-point road favorite at Syracuse.

Moving to Sept. 1:

Wisconsin is a 14-point home favorite over Washington State.
Notre Dame is a 3-point home favorite over Georgia Tech.
Missouri is a 5.5-favorite over Illinois (at St. Louis).
Boston College is a 6.5-point home favorite over Wake Forest.
Brigham Young is a 5.5-point home favorite over Arizona.
Georgia is a 7-point home favorite over Oklahoma State.
Auburn is a 13-point home favorite over Kansas State.
California is a 4.5-point home favorite over Tennessee.
USC is a 43.5-point home favorite over Idaho.

On Sept. 3, Florida State is a two-point road favorite at Clemson.

The numbers are always moving, and the full list of lines can be found at Doc's Sports.

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