Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cashing In at the Box Office

Arizona's Mike Stoops isn't the highest-paid coach in the Pacific 10, but he has already pocketed $60,000 for 2007 from an attendance clause in his contract.

Stoops' deal calls for the bonus if Arizona sells more than 34,001 season tickets. As of early this week, nearly 36,000 season tickets had been sold. Stoops will get another $10,000 if ticket sales reach 37,000.

If the Wildcats average 50,000 in home attendance, as they have done in Stoops' first three seasons, another $60,000 bonus kicks in.

At least four Pac-10 coaches have attendance clauses in their contracts, including Oregon's Mike Bellotti, who gets 8% of the gross of Autzen Stadium's total reserved ticket sales, which last week topped 42,000. Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star estimates that Bellotti will pocket in excess of $450,000 from this clause.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Stoops may get his bonus, but he hasn't earned or accomplished a thing since arriving in Tucson. He runs a below average program which lacks discipline and heart. Don't expect them to break .500 this season, they are in for another long one.