Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brigham Young Fans Want Independence

Brigham Young's frustration over the Mountain West Conference's TV network, The mtn., has reached such a level that some Cougar supporters are calling for the team to leave the league and go it alone.

"Is independence a viable, productive financial move to consider?" writes Dick Harmon of the Deseret Morning News.

According to experts contacted by Harmon, being independent might be good for football, but the rest of the Cougar teams would suffer mightily.

Going independent is not easy. Writes Harmon: "A move to go independent in football could take a decade to pull off just in scheduling contracts. And who would want to play the Cougars in Provo during a key stretch of Big Ten, Big 12 or Pac-10 conference play?"

What is likely to happen is a shakeup of Mountain West. "If BYU administrators consider looking into becoming an independent, it might be to just placate irate boosters who do not like the current TV deal. ... I do know, BYU will not stand by with the status quo of its TV deal.

"But jumping leagues or going independent? Formation of a new league would be more plausible, maybe even doable."

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Jefe said...

How bout a BCS-Buster conference:

SJSU (or UNM or AFA or SDSU) or UNLV (for the venue)