Thursday, July 12, 2007

Everything Is Not OK in Oklahoma

Reader C.J. might consider updating his entry in our great billboard competition in May. The billboard (click in it for a closer inspection) took at shot Oklahoma for its troublesome past with the nagging NCAA. The Sooners added another chapter on Wednesday when the governing body told the team to "vacate" — or erase — eight victories from the 2005 season.

Oklahoma plans to appeal.

This latest mess started with an email tip to the NCAA on March 3, 2006 about players being paid for work they didn't do at Big Red Sports/Imports, a car dealership in Norman. On Aug. 1, 2006, quarterback Rhett Bomar and offensive lineman J.D. Quinn acknowledged taking money they didn't earn. The next day, Bomar and Quinn were dismissed from the team. Bomar has since transferred to Sam Houston State and Quinn to Montana (each is eligible this fall).

A third player — receiver Jermaine Hardison — was later dismissed from the team after being implicated in the scandal.

Then came Wednesday's ruling by the NCAA, which called the case "significant and serious."

Regardless of the result of the appeal, Oklahoman columnist Berry Tramel says the Sooners have much work to do to repair their damaged reputation. Plus a look at what some Oklahoma fans are saying and who is on the NCAA Committee of Infractions.


Mac G said...

I would like to add one cocaine dealer as their starting QB. Charles Thompson.

Anonymous said...

For the outright paying of players, they get the NCAA equivalent of a slap on the wrist - no TV ban, no bowl ban, no considerable loss of scholarships - and they're outraged and appealing the verdict?

Anonymous said...

uh, the billboard was a fake... Look a little closer

Anonymous said...

They weren't paying players; a rogue booster was.