Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Is Hoeppner Done Coaching the Hoosiers?

Indiana athletic director Rick Greenspan is expressing concern about coach Terry Hoeppner's future with the team. Hoeppner missed spring practice while recovering from his second brain surgery in September 2006. Hoeppner originally had a tumor removed in December 2005.

"The bottom line right now is that Hep is not back at work," Greenspan told the Indianapolis Star. "He has been out for a couple of months. Obviously we're concerned, and the longer he is out, the more concerned we get about his return or his ability to return."

The Star's Terry Hutchens asked Greenspan if he were considering a change.

"The way I'd answer that is that we want to do something at the right point," Greenspan said. "That would be the right point for our university, the right point as we approach the season, and the right point as far as the feedback and the sense of health and well being and rest and recovery and capability from Hep. Where those exactly intersect I don't have a date that's etched in stone, but we're certainly getting to be within two months of freshmen reporting for football. It's closer than it was in March.

"At that point we were obviously very hopeful that he would be back by now. It is a concern, that's the best I can say."

LaMond Pope of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette says Greenspan should not rush to judgment and that Hoeppner should be given every chance to return to the team.


greg6363 said...

Maybe Greenspan can hire Todd Berry like he did when he was AD at Illinois State and West Point. LOL!

New Era Scouting Blog said...

Man, that sucks so much for Hoeppner, especially considering that Indiana's schedule is built for a sure-fire bowl.