Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Updating Project 119's Road Trip

Dave Farris of Project 119, who is attempting to visit all 119 Division I-A stadiums, has been busy chronicling his latest three-day trip to visit 17 stadiums that covered over 2,000 miles. He was kind enough to join us on "Sports Overnight America" hours after getting off the road and you can listen to his appearance by clicking here.

Dave had nothing but good things to say about his visit to Notre Dame, but let's get to the nasty stuff because frankly, that's what sells. Our man was treated like some kind of scoundrel on his visit to Iowa's Kinnick Stadium, and he writes about his confrontation with an official shortly after his entourage entered the stadium:

"When we said, 'Hey, we just want to take a few pictures,' this guy seriously started approaching us with menace in his eyes and mumbling, 'There are thousands on, you have to leave.' Is there some big secret in your stadium, Iowa? Are you afraid that we're some kind of spies from Ames that are there to steal your secrets?"

Dave is preparing for a trip to the Northeast, and unlike Iowa City, it appears they are ready to roll out the red carpet.

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