Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Reporters' Notebooks

David Chanen and Bob von Sternberg, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Three Minnesota players who were jailed in a rape investigation were released.

Tom Belden, Philadelphia Inquirer: A college kicker and an engineering student have invented a mechanical device that drops the ball into place so that the kicker can practice the precise timing needed to step into the kick.

Heather A. Dinich, Baltimore Sun: Offensive lineman Antonio Logan-El will ask for his release from Penn State. He could be headed to Maryland.

Sara Israelsen, Deseret Morning News: Two Brigham Young players were suspended after they were arrested following a water-balloon incident Saturday night.

Encarnacion Pyle, Columbus Dispatch: A couple from Columbus has named their newborn son Tressel Hayes after coach Jim Tressel and the legendary Woody Hayes.

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