Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Project 119 Visits Columbus

If you're trapped in some office cubicle today, we feel your pain. OK, the job pays the bills and such, but there has to be a better way, a way to truly enjoy life. We bring you Dave, a man who by his own description is "totally directionaless." (sic) Yes, he's living our dream.

Dave is 23, and plans to visit every Division I-A stadium in the land. That's 119 in all, and his venture is aptly titled "Project 119."
"Everyone needs goals in life and hobbies. I have decided on a goal that is both unattainable and utterly ridiculous. It is my goal to go and see all 119 NCAA Division I-A football stadiums before I die. I know that this has kind of been done before by a couple of guys who have gone to see all of the Major League Baseball stadiums, but those guys are obviously pussies. What are there like 30 of those?!"

Yes, this is a man who truly loves his job.

"I have a map on my wall with a sharpie line for all the places I've been, and highlighted cities for all the places I will eventually go. I want to finish by the time I'm 30, and think that Hawaii might be a pretty sweet final destination.

"So yeah, it's mostly a geek thing I guess, but I f"ing love it."

Dave now counts 20 stadiums under his belt and he paid a visit Saturday to Ohio State, where the Buckeyes were treating 75,301 to their spring game. He sent along some shots from the action.
We also want to point readers to more Buckeye shots at Go Bucks, The Greatest Blog in the World and the Flickr page of Eleven Warriors. And our report from Columbus would not be complete without video from our friends at The Palestra.

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greg6363 said...

I've been to 35 of the 119 D-1A college football venues. I, too, hope to see the remaining 84 before I leave this earth. Wish me luck.

Ultimate Football Project said...

I started a project last year to visit all 119 stadiums, but I have to see a game, not just the stadium.