Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NCAA Crashing Johnson's Wedding

Trouble already for college football's No. 1 couple, Boise State running back Ian Johnson and his cheerleader fiancee Chrissy Popadics. Their celebrity wedding is set for July 28 in Boise, but if you're thinking about getting the couple a gift, think again.

NCAA rules will bar Johnson and Popadics from accepting free services or discounted pricing not available to the general public. The Boise State coaching staff can give gifts, but only if they do the same for all of their players who invite them to weddings.

Boosters? Forget about it. Western Athletic Conference commissioner for compliance Anthony Archbald said boosters should not give gifts at all.

Last year, the star tailback's crochet business caught the attention of the NCAA. Johnson was forced to shut it down because NCAA regulations prohibit athletes from using their name or likeness to promote or sell commercial goods.


Anonymous said...

Ian, a dad, not with Chrissy?

dawizofodds said...

Hmmm. The Wiz would like to know more. You can contact him at dawizofodds (at) Your identity will be kept a secret.