Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last Call for Brew's Crew T-Shirts

Minnesota officials have stopped production of a T-shirt promoting Tim Brewster, the team's new coach, because officials believe the phrase "Brew's Crew" could be connected with the consumption of alcohol.

"We're excited that Brewster's nickname is 'Brew', but we want to do the right thing," athletic director Joel Maturi said. "We believe there are other ways to promote the program without sending mixed messages about alcohol."

The Goal Line Club, a booster organization, had 2,500 of the shirts printed with the slogan and team's "M" logo. The club will be allowed to sell any remaining shirts, priced at $15 apiece, through its website.

After Minnesota officials made the announcement, sales quickly picked up. About 400 of the shirts were sold Wednesday. "We should have no trouble selling the rest of them," Goal Line president Teresa Grim said. Proceeds go to the football program.


Brady said...

That's one of the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard??

Don't they have better sh*t to worry about, like winning?

Bevo said...

From the idiots who do not want Vassar to use its nickname (Brewers) becuase of a drinking connection, I gave you the morons at Minnesota.

Hmm... Take eight cups of completely mediocre football program, add three cups of who gives a crap, and one tablespoon of adminitrator fear, and let fester for 40 years. Stand back, and enjoy a brand new empty stadium.