Friday, April 06, 2007

Doesn't Look Like a Navigator to Us

Former Oklahoma walk-on player Jermaine Hardison, who is accused of being paid for work he didn't perform at Norman's Big Red Motorsports, regularly brought home dealership cars for personal use, a former roommate told the Dallas Morning News.

Logan Brosky said that he roomed with Hardison for about a year and that Hardison, along with several other Sooner players, were employed by Big Red.

"They'd just sit there and not do anything and let the Mexicans do all the detailing," Brosky said. "They'd clock in and go eat."

Oklahoma is scheduled to appear before the NCAA Infractions Committee next week regarding the association players had with Big Red. The inquiry began last fall after quarterback Rhett Bomar and J.D. Quinn were dismissed from the university in August after they had been paid for hours they did not work at the Norman dealership. That incident followed one last April involving star running back Adrian Peterson's use of a Lexus from Big Red.

Oklahoma officials told the NCAA Bomar and Quinn were the only players guilty of taking money they didn't earn from Big Red, but the NCAA found a third player. Oklahoma initially denied the charge, but in its official response last month to the NCAA allegations, Oklahoma acknowledged a third player was involved.

Brosky told Gary Jacobson of the Morning News that he particularly remembers a Lincoln Navigator that Hardison drove for about a month. Brosky said Hardison was upset when he had to return the Navigator to Big Red. "Every two to three weeks he had a different car," Brosky said.

Brad McRae, the booster at the center of the excessive-pay scheme, told the paper he had no knowledge what was happening. Some registration required. Thanks to Jeremie at 1430 the Buzz in Tulsa.

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