Friday, April 13, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

No, we didn't go the way of Don Imus. Yes, the radio show is still in play. After giving up countless Friday nights/Saturday mornings, the Wiz and gang took last week off from "Sports Overnight America" on the fine Sports Byline USA Radio Network. We can't begin to describe the frolicking good time we had during last week's vacation because our attorney, the distinguished Irvin R. Shyster, has advised us not to talk about it. As they say, anything you say can and will be used against you. ...

And considering that Shyster ain't cheap, we really have no option but to return to the airwaves.

So join the Wiz Friday night at 11:40 (Pacific) by going to and clicking on "Listen Live." Or tune in on the American Forces Network, heard in 177 countries and U.S. territories as well as Navy ships at sea. Last but not least, check the list of Sports Byline affiliates.

1 comment:

SMQ said...

Irvin R. letter from an old WWF wrestler, I think. He wore a tie, had a finishing move called "The Audit" and went around telling opponents "You Didn't Do Your Taxes...Now It's Time to Pay!" Always got hammered and pulled around by the tie by anybody decent.

I think about him a lot this time of year.