Thursday, February 01, 2007

Never Far From the Field in Nebraska

We just checked, and the word "offseason" is not in the Nebraska dictionary. The Big Red Network, keeping with the Midwestern work ethic, chimes in with a "Current State of the Big 12" series, a look at where each of the conference's teams stand — dare we say it — this offseason. The series is nearing completion, with only Baylor and Oklahoma State yet to be reviewed. But to get you started, here are direct links to teams that have been reviewed: Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri, Kansas, Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M.


Anonymous said...

You have the best college football blog I have seen. It's part of my morning routine. If you're not getting paid, you are a saint.

dawizofodds said...

Pay? What's that? Heh, heh, heh. ... Thanks for the note! Just help spread word about our humble site. Or send news tips to dawizofodds (at) That's all we ask. :-)

Kodijack said...

The write up, at least for Colorado, was incredibly weak. No real analysis, nothing of any substance. I left a negative comment, I wonder if they will publish it.

Jason said...

Of course we posted your comment Kodijack (aka Dale). We post every comment we get as long as it isn't too vulgar.

The author of the series also replied to your comment, but I don't see a response from you.

Do you have anything to add to the conversation other than "this was weak?"

Big Red Network

P.S. Thanks for the link Wiz!