Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Quarterback Is Throwing It Up

This is video from the Texas State 5A Division I championship game last month between Southlake Carroll and Austin Westlake at the Alamodome. Southlake Carroll quarterback Riley Dodge vomits before throwing a key touchdown pass in Southlake Carroll's 43-29 victory. Now why are we running this on a college football site? Riley father, Todd, is the new coach at North Texas. This was Todd's last game as Southlake Carroll coach. Thanks to Tom Kirkendall.


Anonymous said...


i posted this a few days ago, should've sent it to ya. man, now i'm overdue on what seems to be my quasi-weekly tip to the wiz.

site's been looking great lately, especially with all the imagery.

you definitely got my vote for the CFB awards.

Anonymous said...

Southlake Carroll has been a D-1 pipeline for years. I believe that's a testament to the coaching.

Alabama got a recruit from there last year (Greg McElroy). From all reports, the young man will be the starting QB at Alabama probably sooner than later.

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

wouldn't you want to take off your helmet before yacking? that puke is probably back in his face and hair now. that's really just filthy.

insomniac said...

That's very Cade McNown like, which I guess means that Riley will have a very successful college career, only to be a disaster in the pros.