Thursday, January 18, 2007

Colt Brennan for Heisman

Hawaii gave Colt Brennan a second chance. Now he is returning the favor. Brennan announced Wednesday that he will return to the Rainbows for his senior season of eligibility and it's the biggest announcement in the history of Hawaii football. Not familiar with Brennan's story? Pull up a chair and let us fill you in. Brennan was Matt Leinart's backup at Santa Ana Mater Dei High, then opted to attend Colorado. After a night of drinking in Boulder, he ended up in a coed's room uninvited and refused to leave. He eventually pled guilty to second-degree burglary and first degree criminal trespass and was kicked off the team. With seemingly no place to turn, he ended up in Honolulu. Although he wasn't welcomed with open arms, he has been a good citizen since arriving in Oahu and his popularity has soared. Honolulu mayor Mufi Hannemann joked during the season that if an election were held today, he would lose to Brennan. This is a kid who has made the most of a second chance, passing for an NCAA record 58 touchdowns this past season. Can you say Heisman? He certainly has to be a frontrunner, especially if he duplicates last season's numbers.


Anonymous said...

Any Hawaii QB would have to put up twice the numbers of, say, a ND or USC QB to win the Heisman.

The system will always produce incredible stats. A WAC(I say WHACK) schedule will cost the player a lot of credibility. Brennan will have to pull off a monumental upset of someone next year for people to take notice.

Even Da Wiz would average 225/game out there.LOL

When describing the ability of Coach June Jones and Mouse Davis to implement the run-and-shoot offense:

"They've been at this longer than most folks have got shoes."

Anonymous said...

he played well @ alabama to start the season. the kid is for real, average schedule or not. he dissected a very solid ASU defense in their bowl. that sez something as well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you guys are right. The level of competition while is college is the only way to judge a player.
Here is a few examples of losers who played patsy schedules in college.
None of these guys deserved heimans either.
Farve, Rice, Faulk, Tomlinson, Cunningham, Moss, T-Owens.

Look at any NFL roster. Small college players make up half the league. Any team, including the pro-bowl and the super bowl teams have tons of small college guys.

The Heisman is for the best college player in the land.

Remember the year Gino Torretta beat out Marshall Faulk because of the level of competition, laughable...

Or how about Chris Weinke over LaDanian Tomlinson.....

Give me the small college guy over the over-hyped Florida boy any day!