Thursday, January 25, 2007

Arkansas' Two Dozen Man March

What happens if you hold a protest and nobody shows up? Such was the case Wednesday in Fayetteville, where a group upset with Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles and coach Houston Nutt saw their grand plans turn into a colossal failure. Pig Kahuna, our man on the scene, reports. "This was supposed to be the big statement to show that a majority of Hog fans are wanting Nutt and Broyles to step down. Well, at 4 p.m., there were 10 protesters on hand and twice as much media to cover the disaster. Official reports are putting the total number of people who came and went to the protest over an hour as 50, tops." ... This despite the fact the event was well publicized, including countless mentions on local talk shows, an item in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and, of course, Internet message boards. Pig Kahuna says the small number of protesters presented quite the problem for cameramen from local TV crews expecting bigger and better things. "It was funny because they had to zoom in to avoid showing how small a group it was."


Anonymous said...

They should've done it in the Walmart parking lot. No joke. That's where the money is for the University of Arkansas.

That's a fairly divided fanbase right now regardless of how many protesters were there.

bwolf4 said...

That thing is about ready to explode.

At this point, they just need to let it go. The Malzahn era has come and Mal-gone along with all of Springdale High School. They still have Darren McFadden. They still have Felix Jones. That's how they won ten games last year and that's what they need to focus on going into next year. Dwelling on this whole freak show isn't going to help them win the 2007 SEC Title.