Monday, December 04, 2006

What in the Name of Bo Schembechler?

Imagine that. Michigan has a sizable lead over Florida in the BCS rankings after a 42-39 loss at Ohio State, then gets passed by Florida in the final two weeks and doesn't get a rematch with the Buckeyes in the title game. Welcome to the BCS, ladies and gentlemen. We knew this was coming, thanks to the BCS Guru, who correctly forecast Saturday night that the Gators would get the title shot. This is quite the mess, beginning in Ann Arbor, where the bloggers at M Zone are really, really upset, suggesting that Katherine Harris must be behind this. At the other end we have EDSBS, where the party has just started. ... Now to his credit, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel refused to cast a ballot in the final coaches poll, but the Harris poll is full oddities. For example, former Iowa State and Washington State coach Jim Walden voted Florida No. 1. Here are some who voted Michigan fourth: Tim Neverett (Play-by-play announcer in Colorado); Gene Ponti (Louisiana sports radio host); Paul Zeise (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) and Ray Melick (Birmingham News). Now Florida got hammered on a couple of ballots. Robert Lawless, a former university president at Tulsa and Texas Tech, had Florida fifth. And Larry Keech, a former sportswriter at the Greensboro News and Record, also voted the Gators fifth. (Thanks to reader Tony!) You can access the Harris voting by clicking here. The coaches votes have now been made public. You can access them by clicking here. And because it appears everybody has a say in this but you and I, the Wiz decided to do something about it. So here it is:

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Which team was more deserving of a berth to the BCS title game?
Florida Michigan

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Vance23 said...

Jim Walden is still pissed at the Big Ten. It stems from and incident when he was coaching at Iowa State. Former Hawkeye LB Brett Bielema (now head coach at Wisconsin) came up to Walden to say how much he enjoyed kicking his ass the past 5 years.

Walden's revenge.