Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New Meaning to 'All In'

This is what can happen if you go to church. Jeff McQuarrie learns how to use a video camera in order to make a promotional video for his church in 2001 and today we have a three-part DVD series on the history of Washington State football titled "Legends of the Palouse." McQuarrie has basically put it all on the line, launching the project three years ago using savings and severance from a previous job as president and marketing director of an Alaskan fishing resort. Two years in, the cash was gone, so he took a state job. He quit after one day. To keep the project alive, he sold his Corvette convertible. When that money was gone, he borrowed funds from his mother. "I'm not going to say how much that was," he told Craig Smith of the Seattle Times. "Let's just say it was enough to make most people think I'm either crazy, irresponsible or both." He got his big break when legendary broadcaster Keith Jackson, a Washington State alum, agreed to be interviewed. In fact, Jackson came to McQuarrie's house in Olympia. There's much more to the story, and you can check out McQuarrie's sites by clicking here or clicking here.

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