Friday, December 08, 2006

Gates Is a Message Board Lurker

You'll be seeing a lot of Robert Gates in the future. He was confirmed as the new Secretary of Defense this week, replacing Donald Rumsfeld. Thanks to sharp-eyed reader Brad, we learn that Gates, the outgoing president of Texas A&M, has been lurking on for the past year under the name "Ranger65." Gates acknowledged his identity on the board Thursday. According to The 12th Manchild, Gates often referred to himself in the third person in his postings. Here is one of his posts regarding the proposal to move the Texas A&M-Texas Tech game to Dallas: "There is only one person standing between keeping this game on campus and going to Dallas — Dr. Gates. ... I am told he remains firm ... he is adamant against locking in the annual game with Tech there. I think you can take this to the bank: the annual meeting with Tech will not move to Dallas as long as Gates is President of Texas A&M." ... All bets are off now. Friday is Gates last day as Texas A&M president.


Anonymous said...

I was on TexAgs as this unfolded. I actually sent the link to Deadspin thinking they wouldnt post it. I still cannot believe it though.

Anonymous said...

wow thats just funny. real funny.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the worst part about seeing him go is the prospect of this neutral site series with Texas Tech.

thanks for the link.