Friday, December 15, 2006

End of the Road for DeBerry

Air Force is looking for a coach. Fisher DeBerry is stepping down after 23 seasons at the helm. The Colorado Springs Gazette has the story. DeBerry was a huge success at the Academy, and we will remember his role in helping the Falcons win four in a row against Notre Dame in the 1980s. Quite an accomplishment, given that the rival Naval Academy has lost 43 in a row to the Fighting Irish. But DeBerry's tenure was marred by a racial comment last season (watch video by clicking here) and his teams had fallen from grace.

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USNA&USMA said...

Too bad that his legacy will forever be, not that he beat ND 4 times [when they were not necessarily at a peak], but rather: Afro-Americans run fast; and I am a member of team Jesus Christ, conveniently missing from your shown blurb and for which he was censured when he should have been fired ! Those, together with his repeated temper tantrums and ball pullings on the sidelines in the 2006 Navy game further indicate he overstayed his usefulness and meaning in the eyes of most thinking fans. Good riddance and long over due.

Perhaps his arrogance ["the CinC Trophy belongs to us"] is part of the reason that neither Army nor Navy feel the same way [to put it mildly] about air farce as they do about each other and why -other than that the CinC Trophy includes them- neither af-Army nor af-Navy will ever rise to the level of ARMY-NAVY

If 4 in a row is your criteria, I guess that puts NAVY right up there !