Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bragging Rights? Big Ten Has Inside Track

See if you can stomach this one: Big Ten teams could finish 1-2-3 in the final polls. Unlikely? Hear us out. In the current Bowl Championship Series standings, Ohio State is No. 1, Michigan is No. 3 and Wisconsin is No. 7. Other teams involved in this equation: No. 2 Florida, No. 4 Louisiana State, No. 5 USC and No. 6 Louisville. This is what has to happen for the Big Ten to snare the top three spots. First, Wisconsin has to beat Arkansas in the Capital One Bowl. The Razorbacks are only a one-point favorite, according to Doc's Sports. Second, Michigan has to defeat USC in the Rose Bowl. Again, this is regarded as a tossup, with the Trojans currently listed as a one-point favorite. Third and fourth — the most difficult parts of the equation — Wake Forest has to beat Louisville in the Orange Bowl and Notre Dame has to defeat Louisiana State in the Sugar Bowl. The Demon Deacons are a 10-point underdog and the Fighting Irish are a nine-point underdog. Fifth: Ohio State, currently a 7.5-point favorite, finishes off Florida in the BCS title game. No other conference is positioned like the Big Ten, which could be enjoying some serious bragging rights Jan. 8.


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

good math and logic there, wiz...

even if the big 10 does get the top 3 teams, you know people will still not give it the love as the nation's best conference...not that it should be.

penn state in the outback bowl?! please. that used to be for a team that played offense...

Anonymous said...

That's a neat possibility, but I'll believe it only when it happens. The most interesting team to me in Ye Olde Conference That Can't Count is Wisconsin, whose only loss is to Michigan.

In an alternate universe, Wisconsin would be playing Ohio State for the national championship.

If there was a eight-team playoff, with rankings as seedings, Ohio State would beat Boise State at the horseshoe, Florida would be upset by Wisconsin in the Swamp,
Michigan would drill Louisville in the Big House, and LSU would outlast USC in Baton Rouge.

In the next round, Ohio State would whip LSU, and Wisconsin would win the rematch with Michigan.

In the NC, Wisconsin seizes its own destiny and drums Ohio State out of the corn chip bowl in Arizona.

Wisconsin finishes 1, Ohio State finishes 2, and Michigan (whose only losses are to 1 and 2) ends up third.