Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where Does Michigan State Go From Here?

Now that John L. Smith and Michigan State have finalized their divorce, who will become the Spartans' next coach? If he's interested, Steve Mariucci, the former Detroit Lion, San Francisco 49er and California Golden Bear coach, could make a play for the job. Mariucci's best friend is Spartan basketball coach Tom Izzo, the de facto athletic director. Having Izzo lead the search might not be a bad idea, especially considering that athletic director Ron Mason passed on Urban Meyer in 2002. But the problems run deep at East Lansing, and getting it right this time might require a culture change. And even though Mariucci could be a popular choice, not everybody believes he is the right man for the job.


Anonymous said...

I thought they already hired Teddy Ruxpin.

Anonymous said...



MSU makes obvious call

Critical Fanatic said...

From what I've been hearing the list looks like this (projected order)

1. Butch Davis
2. Gene Chizik
3. Brian Kelly
4. Pat Shurmur
5. Todd Grantham

The Mooch talk is amusing to me as avid Spartan follower. He's not interested and nor is MSU (or his buddy Izzo)

Critical Fanatic said...

Just going to throw this out there Wiz ... how shocked would you be if Nick Saban returned to East Lansing?

dawizofodds said...

The Wiz would be way shocked. As I recall, he didn't leave on the best of terms in 1999 and did not coach the bowl after it was announced he was headed to LSU.

Critical Fanatic said...

It's a rumor without much logic ... but it's out there and has yet to be official turned down. Interesting to ponder.

Butch is their choice, but I'm not sure he wants the job. State is determined to invest HEAVILY in the next coach, so they are going to throw some dollars but still ... Davis is making good money right now as is.