Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maybe We Can Finally Settle This Dispute

Louisiana State and USC fans have been going at it ever since the teams split the 2003 national title (LSU the BCS, USC the AP). And now — if things break just right — the teams could finally settle it on the field. Specifically, in the Rose Bowl. Chris Dufresne of the L.A. Times reports that if the Trojans lose Saturday to rival UCLA, USC is likely to be paired against LSU in Pasadena. The Tigers have never played in the Rose Bowl and fans have already committed to purchasing 28,000 tickets the the Granddaddy. LSU's main competition is coming from Notre Dame, which last played in Pasadena in 1925. If USC defeats UCLA and advances to the BCS title game, Michigan would get the call from Tournament of Roses officials, with LSU or Notre Dame likely filling the other slot.

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LSUoverUSC said...

1. LSU fans have committed to 40,000 tickets.

2. LSU is now being named the one and only NC in 2003.

See the latest story at


1. USC agreed to the BCS contract.

2. BCS contract explicitly states that the winner of the National Championship Game is the one and only National Champion.

3. USC agreed to the formula the BCS uses to decide the #1 and #2 teams in America at the end of the regular season.

4. USC was not ranked either #1 or #2 in the only ranking that mattered. This was a result of USC playing only ONE ranked team all season AND losing to an unranked, six loss team. Had USC played two ranked teams, they would have been ranked #1 or #2. If USC hadn't lost to the unranked, six loss team, they would have been ranked #1.

5. Because USC did not earn a #1 or #2 ranking, they did not make it to the National Championship Game.

6. Because USC did not play in the National Championship Game, they did not win the National Championship.

So why do these USC fans continue to claim the 2003 National Championship, which LSU rightfully earned and won?

Because the AP voted them #1? Since the BCS was created and authorized by all the major college presidents and athletic directors, the AP title is obsolete. It has the same worth as the Dunkel or Golfer's Digest titles. The AP has no authority except that which it gives itself. The colleges did not authorize it, like the other various sources, to hand out titles, so why do you mention it in the same breath as the BCS?