Monday, November 20, 2006

Columbus Day for 'GameDay'

"GameDay" is more popular than at any point in its 20-year history, but ESPN nearly canceled the program in the early 1990s. Then somebody came up with the bright idea to send the show on the road. "It doesn't look like anything else on TV," said Chris Fowler, who anchors the team of Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso. The most anticipated part of the program is when Corso chooses which team will win and puts on the mascot head or helmet of the team he favors. "It's series business when you put the head on," said Corso, who urged "GameDay" contributor and former Michigan standout Desmond Howard to strike a Heisman pose during Saturday's telecast from Columbus, site of the Michigan-Ohio State game. "I've done a few too many here," Howard said. "Do it," Corso said. "I'll do it next to you." When Corso's moment came Saturday, he slipped on the Wolverine helmet, much to the disgust of the Buckeye crowd (you can watch the reaction in the above YouTube video). Corso then needed a cordon of state troopers to get to the stadium. Just before he entered, he picked up a "Go Bucks" placard from the sidewalk, waved it triumphantly to fans who now cheered him, then ripped it into shreds. Again, he was booed (registration).

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