Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Columnists' Corner

Bob Lutz, Wichita Eagle: The way Ron Prince handled Saturday's postgame media session makes you wonder whether he has what it takes to be the head coach of a Division I-A team.

Gordon Monson, Salt Lake Tribune: Fans who watched Utah's worst home loss in 17 years can determine their distress with a simple test.

Richard Stevens, Albuquerque Tribune: One has to wonder why New Mexico, trailing 24-7 to Air Force with 9:04 remaining, threw in the towel and decided to punt.

Bud Withers, Seattle Times: There's not much sizzle between Northwest teams Washington State and Oregon State, so why not move the game to Seattle's Qwest Field?

Ron Morris, Columbia State: That Clemson's game against Wake Forest has championship implications tells you everything you need to know about the state of ACC football.

Patrick Walters, Lansing State Journal: Fire John L. Smith? You have got to be kidding. Don't expect such a move until season's end. Besides, the Spartans can still turn it around.

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