Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Replay Official Was Involved in 'The Play'

A replay official involved in Saturday's Oklahoma-Oregon game was the line judge in the 1982 Stanford-California game that ended in "The Play." Gordon Riese, the lead replay official on Saturday, was on the field in the 1982 game. This development comes from Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News. The Pacific 10 Conference issued one-game suspensions Monday to the field officials and instant replay crew, but the result — a 34-33 Oregon victory — will stand. "Errors clearly were made and not corrected, and for that we apologize to the University of Oklahoma, coach Bob Stoops and his players," Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen said in a statement. Former Pittsburgh, Texas A&M and Mississippi State coach Jackie Sherrill ripped into the officials during a speaking engagement in Montgomery. "The officials on the field, they're human. They make mistakes," he said. "One game for them is right. But the replay officials, they should be suspended for the year. Because you do not miss those two calls with the 11 [camera] angles he had to look at. That guy had every angle to look at those plays, and he still missed it. I'm in the studio. I know." Sherrill is a college football studio analyst for FSN South.

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