Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How Much Shorter Are the Games?

Many have been asking how much time has been shaved off games because of rule 3-2-5-e. To get the answer, we went to the man, Marty of cfbstats.com. We once again ask that you give his site full credit if you plan to use any of this information and remind you that his site is also listed on the right under "Sponsored Links."


Here are the five shortest games from Week 1:

Army-Arkansas State: 2:30
Minnesota-Kent State: 2:36
Northwestern-Miami (Ohio): 2:43
William & Mary-Maryland: 2:43
Appalachian State-North Carolina State: 2:45

Here are the five longest games from Week 1:

Toledo-Iowa State: 3:38
USC-Arkansas: 3:35
Stanford-Oregon: 3:31
Florida Atlantic-Clemson: 3:29
Brigham Young vs. Arizona: 3:22

Later tonight we will have the shortest and longest games from Week 2. We would also like to call attention to the best piece we've seen to date on the rule changes designed to shorten games by cutting down on the number of plays. Phil Mushnick of the New York Post simply nails it. A must read. Thanks to the Midwest Correspondent.

Here are the five shortest games from Week 2:

Toledo-Western Michigan: 2:27
New Hampshire-Northwestern: 2:35
Southern Methodist-North Texas: 2:35
Chattanooga-Memphis: 2:44
Middle Tennessee State-Maryland: 2:46

Here are the five longest games from Week 2:

Tulsa-Brigham Young: 4:04
Clemson-Boston College: 4:00
Iowa-Syracuse: 3:45
Hofstra-Marshall: 3:45
Oregon-Fresno State: 3:42


Cool Hand Mike said...

That means if you put two option teams together, we might see a game that runs 1:45.

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