Friday, September 15, 2006

Game of the Week

Can he do it again? Can the nation's hottest handicapper keep his perfect record in place? There's a lot of pressure being No. 1, but fearless forecaster Mark Mathis has been up to the task, nailing winners the first two weeks of the season, including last week's biggie between Ohio State and Texas. Now he faces his biggest test yet: Louisiana State at Auburn. This is a toughie folks and frankly, there are easier games on the board. But their are no creampuffs on Mathis' schedule, no I-AA opponents to fatten up the winning percentage. So let's listen in on what the man has to say about this classic SEC tilt:

"When I think of Alabama football I don’t think Auburn. Sadly for Auburn, neither does the rest of the country. They are kind of like the fat ugly baby no one wants to look at but they have to. Or, they are more like the uncle you never speak of because he is gay (not that anything is wrong with that). The Tigers could run the table this year and not be in the title hunt. Oh well!

I will always love LSU, because the greatest recruiting trip I ever went on was to Baton Rouge. Trust me when I say that Louisiana women are the best! This one is a tough one, but to keep the winning streak alive I am going with Auburn, 21-20! It will be a party worth watching at Jordan-Hare Stadium! Beautiful but hot weather for the game. Look for a kickoff temperature of 87 degrees under mostly sunny conditions and a very light north wind! It should be fun!"

Andrew Lopez, Times-Picayune: A look at some of the memorable games between the teams.

Randy Rosetta, Baton Rouge Advocate: Despite missing five of six field goals the last time the teams played, Auburn's John Vaughn says he's ready this time.

Mobile Press-Register: It's a high-stakes game, but Auburn's Tommy Tuberville indicates he's ready to roll the dice.

John Pruett, Huntsville Times: A professor emeritus of history at Auburn says football at the university has gotten too big.

Football Saturday in the South: Blogging it from deep in the heart of Dixie. Everything you wanted to know about the game but were afraid to ask.

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Cool Hand Mike said...

I feel fortunate to live in a city with a great sports section. The Mobile Press Register call it like they see it. Kennedy, Finebaum, Murphy, and McCready's coverage during football season(which covers the calender year) is second to none.

I don't always agree but I'll never stop reading them. I'm more for information than affirmation.