Monday, September 25, 2006

Expect Further Review of the Replay System

They just can't let it go. Oklahoma fans remain livid over the blown calls that led to the Sooners' 34-33 loss at Oregon on Sept. 16. Never mind that Oklahoma gave up 501 yards to the Ducks. A group of animators has developed the site Quack Squad, which features a "press conference" regarding the controversial calls. The site also has the Quack Squad Game, where you can take on the officials. Now given the scene Saturday in Norman, it seems everybody was trying to cash in on the controversy. T-shirts protesting the calls were sprinkled throughout tailgates, including one that said "Fowl Play." Even former WWE announcer and Sooner honk Jim Ross has something to say about it in his Slobberknocker Report. Oklahoma fans are not the only ones upset with Pacific 10 officials. Baylor coach Guy Morriss asked the league to review six plays from the Bears' 17-15 loss to Washington State on Sept. 16 in Seattle. In all six cases, Pac-10 coordinator of football officiating Verle Sorgen agreed with Baylor's assessment and "graded down" the referee, back judge and head linesman. But unlike the Oklahoma-Oregon fiasco, there was no public apology or suspensions handed down to officials. Maybe this is because there simply are not enough officials to go around. Two of the "suspended" officials from the Oklahoma-Oregon game worked Saturday's USC-Arizona game, and three other "suspended" officials worked the Idaho-Oregon State game. The business of a replay system likely will be revisited at season's end. Oregon State coach Mike Riley says he doesn't like the coach's challenge. And Arizona State coach Dirk Koetter is simply not in favor of any replay system. "It's the biggest joke in the world. It's sickening. It's ridiculous," he said (some registration).

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Jim Ross is still with WWE.