Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Columnists' Corner

Eric Hansen, South Bend Tribune: You have questions? He has answers, even if Crewcut Charlie Weis is in a grumpy mood.

Mike Downey, Chicago Tribune: New Hampshire's victory over Northwestern is being called the greatest athletic conquest in the history of the university.

Frank Dascenzo, Durham Herald-Sun: North Carolina, North Carolina State and Duke. Put them together and you might have a winner.

Mike Huguenin, Orlando Sentinel: Last year it was Vince Young. This year it is Troy Smith. Unless something unexpected happens, the Buckeyes look to go 12-0.

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Cool Hand Mike said...

Congratulations to New Hampshire.

I remember a while back after Central Florida defeated Alabama, the genuine euphoria those folks were feeling just because they beat a rather bad Alabama team(at least by our standards)in Tuscaloosa. It was nuts!

Guess I was just lucky to have been raised an Alabama fan or at least the fan of a winner.

Since that Central Florida game, I've grown to appreciate the little guy winng their landmark game.

It also didn't hurt that they(UCF) had Dante "Freakin" Culpepper at QB.