Monday, September 04, 2006

Columnists' Corner

Ray Parrillo, Philadelphia Inquirer: It's never too early to have opinions. Ohio State's Troy Smith is the best quarterback. Lee Corso needs to remove the lampshade from his head, do a little homework and offer some insight. Notre Dame is not the No. 2 team in the land (registration).

John Niyo, Detroit News: They shorten the game and lengthen the schedule. Will the powers-that-be please give us our game back.

Pete DiPrimio, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: Notre Dame acquired mental toughness, which is an optimistic way of saying it struggled to beat Georgia Tech.

Rick Bozich, Louisville Courier-Journal: Michael Bush ran as if he intended to wrap both hands on the Heisman. Then the Louisville running back suffered a season-ending injury.

Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times: One problem with the new 12-game format is that a team such as Montana State had to go out and find an extra easy-money game against a team such as Colorado.

Jake Curtis, San Francisco Chronicle: Is California's season over? Far from it. Here are several reasons why the Bears are likely to bounce back.

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