Monday, August 28, 2006

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No better time to dust off the playbook and run through the gameplan one last time before the season kicks off Thursday. This is a links site and the Wiz merely sorts through the various options on a daily basis for the best of college football. We're only as good as the team around us, and that is where you the reader come into play. We value each and every contribution and the more input we get, the better the site. Don't be shy! Keep those tips coming to dawizofodds (at) And for all the new visitors, here is a look at how the site is structured:

The Lines: Each Monday, we set up the week with the announcement of the weekly posting of the lines from Docs Sports, one of our sponsors. It will be designated under the header Week 1, Week 2, etc.

Reporters' Notebooks
: This is where news stories and notes columns appear. Time permitting, this is a daily feature.

Columnists' Corner: The best of the best. What the opinion-makers are saying about the state of your team or the game.

Crystal Ball: No need to go to your resident fortuneteller. Prognosticators put it all on the line every Thursday and Friday.

Game of the Week: This is a new feature. We will key in on one game and offer an in-depth look at what each side is saying.

As always, thanks for stopping by the site! And please help spread the word about our humble little corner of cyberspace. The quick and easy URL:

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