Friday, August 04, 2006

Stoops to NFL in 2007? Don't Bet on It

While Oklahoma goes through a state of depression, word comes that Sooner coach Bob Stoops will be looking to jump to the NFL after the season. Our reaction? A bunch of manure. First, the use of sources — unnamed at that — are regularly being tossed around again. We'd like to see some names here, otherwise the credibility factor is zero. Frankly, we have doubts there are any sources behind this, outside of imaginary ones that are cleverly created to bring in traffic. Second, we shall examine case history. A sister site went down the same path in June, saying that Notre Dame's Brady Quinn might be ineligible for the 2006 season because coach Charlie Weis pushed the quarterback to meet and pick an agent before the start of the season. That proved to be a bunch of dung, but it drew the attention of Notre Dame officials and earned a free plug. We weren't the only ones to see what was going on. The good folks over at EDSBS had it nailed, as you can see from this fine post. ... As for developments at OU, Sooner fans roared their approval over Stoops' decision to dismiss quarterback Rhett Bomar and guard J.D. Quinn, but is Stoops to blame for what happened? We also have video links to the national reaction, Stoops press conference and the fall from grace of another former Oklahoma quarterback (some registration).

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